[thelist] My first Robot

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Jul 23 11:29:01 CDT 2002

> Question 2:
> Does anyone know of a *reliable* host who actually has *good* customer
> support to host such a site?  The client thinks he wants a Windows
> and we estimate that the traffic will be up to 5 Gigabytes a month, but
> bulk of that will be download not upload.

What I meant to write was:

It appears that this question was not understood clearly.  I am not planning
to administer the server.  I am planning to buy a space ON a commercial
server.  I was asking for recommendations for a commercial host who fits the
above bill.


PS: Sorry about that last post--it's almost nighttime in this part of the
world and it's been a long day.

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