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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 23 11:57:01 CDT 2002

john & hershel,

> From: John Handelaar
> > The client thinks he wants a Windows platform and we
> > estimate that the traffic will be up to 5 Gigabytes a
> > month
> The client is, unfortunately, mistaken.  Throw that
> much crap through a Windows box and the hard disk'll
> be swiss cheese inside 3 months from fragmentation.

that is complete and utter garbage.  i work on a number of win2k servers and they push out *way* more than 5gig a month of traffic and the sort of hardware issues you cite are non-existant.  as an example, one of the sites i work with posted data transfer numbers between 20 and 30 gigs a month during its peak season and continues to be just fine.

hershel, don't sweat this sort of anti-windows fear-mongering.  a windows based server should be able to handle the load most any mortal site could need, so long as the box is setup and tuned appropriately.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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