[thelist] OT - do programmers/designers know *everything*?

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Jul 23 12:58:01 CDT 2002

> 1. Are most of the folks on this list (for example) actually making a
> living programming, coding, design etc? Whether it be free-lance, or
> for other companies etc?

I indeed make a (modest) living working freelance from my home.  I do happen
to have one ongoing job which is actually how I pay the bills.  It is,
however, freelance (or contractor).

> 2. For the folks that ARE doing well enough to not have to work a 'real'
> (you know...as in retail, services...etc etc,...anything NOT to do with
> their web passions)...do you folks actually know in your head most of the
> skills you need to perform? For example, PERL/CGI programmers...can you
> actually, basically write working code that without having to rely on your
> notes, code snippets, manuals, etc? Or is that just silly? Do almost ALL
> hardcore designers/programmers use some sort of 'help' when working on
> projects?

Can I write HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Perl without referring to manuals?
Yes and no.  For the most part, yes--the bulk of my code I do write without
any reference.  When I come upon something I don't know or I have forgotten,
then, yes I do rely on cut and paste from old programs or I refer to manuals
or books.

There are programmers out there who have entire manuals in their heads.
It's basically a matter of experience I believe.  If a person is writing and
debugging code in Perl between 20 and 30 hours (literally) a week for even 1
or 2 years, he's bound to learn how to write more Perl code without looking
in the book. :)


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