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Tue Jul 23 13:21:00 CDT 2002


> From: John Handelaar
> Hershel actually said he was bringing 5Gb *in*, and
> replacing all of it regularly.  Which is a fantastic
> way to frag-up a hard disk, as you really ought to know.

from this quote:

  "The client thinks he wants a Windows platform and we
   estimate that the traffic will be up to 5 Gigabytes
   a month, but the bulk of that will be download not

i took it to mean that the 5g of traffic per month would be from downloads.  i totally missed that "downloads" meant the server would be replacing old content with new content.  my mistake.

however, there's something to think about here and that's how the data will be stored.  if it's databased, the "frag-up" of the hard disk would then be kept to a minimum as the database would handle it internally.


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