[thelist] OT - do programmers/designers know *everything*?

NanHarbisonSmith at aol.com NanHarbisonSmith at aol.com
Tue Jul 23 14:24:01 CDT 2002

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I am probably a few steps ahead of you in ramping up to working full time in
web development world. I am starting to remember how to code stuff without
looking it up every **blasted** time. Things are starting to come more
easily. I also have another (part time) job, and I do the web stuff in my
spare time. In order to gain experience, I have done MORE than my share of
free work. In fact have created a whole website for a summer swim and tennis
club that I now belong to for free in exchange for my work (they definitely
made out on this deal). There is tons of dynamic content now, that I am still
learning how to do. I keep trying new things. I just created a form so the
board of directors can email the whole membership, once all of the email
addresses are collected. My goal is to get a full time job at a company doing
what I am doing now. I am always searching the Internet job sites for jobs
that I am qualified for, and now when they want 1-2 years of experience, I
have it even though I only worked for myself to get it.

Another part of the picture is how much you are advertising your work to
local companies that might need some help with their website. I joined the
chamber of commerce in my town, and that has gotten me some business, only
from other chamber members and hopefully by word of mouth, i can get more web
jobs through this channel.


> >1. Are most of the folks on this list (for example) actually making a
> >decent living programming, coding, design etc? Whether it be free-lance,
> or >working for other companies etc?

Nan Harbison Smith
nan at heritageconcord.org

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