[thelist] OT - do programmers/designers know *everything*?

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at cph.org
Tue Jul 23 14:45:01 CDT 2002

> i'm 21 (just like you jonathan!!)

Ditto. How many 21 year old web-developers are there on this list? :)

I'm doing freelance work to offset some of the bigass college tuition bill
that shows up twice a year. I'm a double major in Comp Sci and Comp Info
Sys, so I'll end up with some kind of computer job next summer after

Like most everyone else, I'm self-taught and have an extensive code library
that I refer to constantly. I've been doing (X/D)HTML for almost 8 years now
and have been online for more than half my lifetime...

The smartest folks in this biz know what they don't know. It's not about
keeping all the information in your head. Space is limited there (speaking
for myself, of course), and so you want to keep the resources in your head,
not the code. It's easier to remember "this site has tons of CSS info"
rather than trying to remember the funny-looking CSS2 selectors. Of course,
if you spend a week working on nothing but CSS2, you might find yourself
referring to that site less and less...

Hang in there, Roger!


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