[thelist] Re: [offlist] Was my account causing problems on thelist?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 23 17:42:13 CDT 2002


First off, you migh want to update your address book so my
address isn't associated with thelist address.  That can be pretty
confusing for me, and means I might miss stuff like this.

If your account was bouncing because it was over quota, then I
most likely set your account to nomail.  This way, your account
doesn't keep filling up, and I don't get a bounce for every post to
thelist.  All you have to do is log in and reset your preferences
when your account is cleaned out, and you should be all set.

> From: **1st Vamp** <wes at pmason.karoo.co.uk>
> To: aardvark <thelist at lists.evolt.org>
> Hash: MD5
> Hello,
> I'm an avid reader of thelist on evolt.org, I was offline due to real
> life problems, and when I got back online my account was set to
> nomail..I can't remember doing this myself, and I also recieved an
> automated responce from my ISP's pop3 server saying my account was
> nearly full, and I was wondering if this caused any problems to
> thelist which resulted in my account being set to nomail? If so I
> appologize for any problems caused and will try to avoid such an event
> in the future.
> Thanks,
> Vamp / Wesley Mason
> Version: 2.6
> iQIMAwUAPT27RutR7En81eJTAQEQuQ+2KF16vs9oooYy5BsjFmmqT+U6Pg3mwtE5
> 6poJqahcY28a6t69w8Q2KAeq9sztFYJ6EVgiyLvgXqDwMHkWeBRrGaqXkMvvt5nD
> TFLUQsK7duQWCRe6oX3aj2vPa2CX5FUwjXfE9/0FtQxluNl9ewQK/VO7oXTVgqI8
> HpWoDTmhaW0vmSBUxr914yMVeRLZj1VTo+Q7GKW2kh/n5zeXO3RV5YgsHQlXXBZJ
> eMADn6SDesBwxGn/8L/4k3Ri6EdGXdsCsjglag34rEIOtlPV6+S5ett+PMKnGZKx
> zG6Wyfgjj5QvpJuwsb1EAJTNO226egq2pHJQElCxlTb1eaq/kL3z5TGiiIm7Wlj0
> Ns8b98uKKc9FqTwXBujcJDgXbdjSF8uSCSDvB7COgsuhZTNVgtUK44aGp9AO4XKz
> GsHeI7yOIrei/bst7Lp/CtnVCZKHSCzbZVrjGNTADqDh2VHKzVrCUmwyjZpnE9j6
> H9XaHZfb4vLXD9sRKSW5F4Is2RXtMY4v+xqK2c9WOvJMhq9fGfgR9FQm9IrCyUgP
> yxUh04pM6kHHP3F+7qtnzLT0MZG/xisYOZvhTaD1Z2aTPaAVY+fLg0sdLw8eFSAS
> AOI1ReUIsC3xd5Y7J7XvpwQPTwNwP6NwzHiA41qL1yyMpbsX3TPGRBL2Ds5foZo=
> =i/zM
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