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Benjamin C. Varadi bvaradi at nlcnet.org
Tue Jul 23 17:47:01 CDT 2002

** assorted ramblings on age, politics, drinking and whatever have been
self-censored from this post to save face & bandwidth.  what remains
follows. **

- The Finlandia Vodka website is superclean.  In fact, their designs
both on the web & paper have been gorgeous for a long time.

- The Absolut site is frustrating, but has some interesting color use (&
is home to tons of those ads, which continue to be one hell of a

- The last issue of Educated Community (http://www.ecnyc.org/ to my
knowledge available only at the wonderful design store Zakka
www.zakkacorp.com) had an interview with this graffiti artist who
supposedly inspired the Captain Morgan (www.rum.com) "the Captain was
here" campaign by stenciling over CM ads (feel free to shift into
guerrila design discussion and the frustrating success of Shepard Fairey
www.obeygiant.com).  I totally forget his name.


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