[thelist] Was my account causing problems on thelist?

**1st Vamp** wes at pmason.karoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 23 19:00:01 CDT 2002

Sorry about that...meant to just send it to aadvark, how's that for a newbie mistake.

Will give a tip when I have info to give.

- Vamp

Tuesday, July 23, 2002, 9:23:30 PM, **1st Vamp** wrote:

> Hash: MD5

> Hello,

> I'm an avid reader of thelist on evolt.org, I was offline due to real
> life problems, and when I got back online my account was set to
> nomail..I can't remember doing this myself, and I also recieved an automated responce from my ISP's pop3 server saying my account was nearly full, and I was wondering if this caused any problems to
> thelist which resulted in my account being set to nomail?
> If so I appologize for any problems caused and will try to avoid such an event in the future.

> Thanks,
> Vamp / Wesley Mason

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