[thelist] web site maintenance woes (rant)

Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
Tue Jul 23 20:12:01 CDT 2002

I don;t know your situation, I am advocating the general application of
CMS for large websites allowing the web designer to stay our of content.
As a web development team, we hate changing rates, telephone numbers,
stuff the clients could do.

Updating content: If your details are out of date, the site is useless.
If the web designer has to update it, chances are it will become out of
date. If the people who know about the changes make them, there's more
hope of the changes being made.
By fluff I mean a site that has little real content. I've no idea what
you work on.

> NEW content is a whole 'nother bird. Creating NEW content is the fun,
> exciting part of the job that I am trying to make more time for. Creating
> new content is why I got into this gig, having been a writer and magazine
> editor previously.

So you function more as a content person than a designer? Then this
thread is not for you. I'm addressing the needs of designers to get out
of content maintenance and creation and let the writers write.

> So you are saying that you never feel the need to check on your search
> engine positioning and perhaps tweak content to improve it? I have a top ten
> Google listing on every keyword our management team has identified as being
> important to us, but I still find that it requires a certain amount of
> maintenance to stay there.

Are you kidding, we do it all the time. I never said that.

I think you have sidetracked the subject into issues that have nothing
to do with the thread, the maintenance of website content. They are
interesting subjects, but not what I am addressing.

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