[thelist] OT - do programmers/designers know *everything*?

Tim Parkin tim at pollenation.net
Wed Jul 24 03:00:01 CDT 2002

Keith said
> I pretty much quit using when Google came out with the Google
>Taskbar. As far as trying to learn everything, I'm too lazy for that
kinda >nonsense.
I have to say, as much as google is a useful resource, the quality of
the code out there is very often extremely poor and you have to know
what you are looking for to find it. The great thing about books is that
if I scan read a book on postgres (that example again) then I know what
postgres *can* do. Someone who has used postgres has dedicated a lot of
time into writing a concise description of its attributes. This isn't
available online (although the postgres manual is very good, try looking
up anything useful on pgsql for a challenge). PHP is an exception where
the annotated manual (now in cfm help format) is a great resource.

Books have there place


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