[thelist] Re: JS help: including a file as footer

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Wed Jul 24 11:26:06 CDT 2002

> tim, i am *so* not a server guy, but if it's IIS, doesn't that have the
> include functionality built in?

IIS will only have SSI functionality if it's activated (which is often not
the case -- many hosting providers will try and make an extra buck by
charging for the .asp service which IIS supports with little or no
configuration). However, back to the point -- have you tried uploading an
.asp page to see what happens?

(The answer to your original query is that, if you are proficient enough in
Javascript to code your solution, then use it -- I can't see any reason why
it shouldn't work from a technical standpoint, though the code may be fairly
complex to make it work cross-browser.)

Mark Howells

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