[thelist] Re: JS help: including a file as footer

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Wed Jul 24 22:22:22 CDT 2002

Mark Howells wrote:

> If you know PHP then ASP isn't much of a step. Try Webmonkey -

To say that I "know" PHP would be like saying I know Prince Charles just
because I once saw him across the street... at this point I have enough
PHP knowledge to know how to do some nice basic stuff and I'm starting
to read through other's code and "get" what they are doing and how they
are doing it.

Anyway, I tried the social engineering method of fixing the problem,
which was to call the webhosting company and ask them if they'd enable it.

A very pleasant support tech called me back and they said "Well you'll
have to pay $5 more a month" and I said "but I'm not paying anything a
month now" and I explained to her the situation.   I offered to put a
link to their site with a 'web hosting provided by' if they'd comp the
$5/month (heck they're getting $150/month for DSL, isn't that enough?)
Still waiting to hear back, but I give it a 50/50 possibility that
they'll cut us a little slack...

Before I told her our little website was free, she mentioned that the
+$5 more a month would also get me on "the new Windows server" (rather
than I guess, where we are now, on the 'old' Windows server)... I
resisted the urge to say that was like being told I could kiss an
orangutan that would, as a mitigating factor, be wearing lipstick.

Un*x bigot & CLI junkie

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