[thelist] why can't IE find the new IP number?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jul 24 23:25:01 CDT 2002

i recently changed my domain record at verisign to point to a new host

so i'm using internet explorer as my regular daily browser, and i'm
checking the site daily, so the old site was in the cache, i.e. the old
site's old IP number was known to IE

a couple of days later, i'm thinking, boy this sure is taking a long time,
so i try ping, and sure enough, ping shows the new IP number, but IE won't
show the new site

the new site shows up in opera, in mozilla, in netscape 4, but not IE

i have cleared IE's cache, deleted history, exited, rebooted, and i still
cannot get IE to see the new site, even though other browsers, on the same
machine, going out over the same cable internet connection, have resolved
the new IP number

what's up with IE -- is it going out to some microsoft name server that
hasn't been updated yet, or what?  i thought all domain names would get
resolved at my cable ISP, or further up the line according to wherever my
ISP is connected...

what's going on?  it's gotta be me, right?

how do i get IE to give up the old IP number?

the site in question is http://r937.com/ and it should be dark gray with
blue trim


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