[thelist] Dumb Access DB question

Scott Shou scott at firesites.com
Thu Jul 25 03:30:01 CDT 2002


I've got a stupid access question (as per the title)

I've got a buncha generated update statements.
Is it possible to run more than one update at a time? Each update is
targetted at a specific id. When I paste in two at a time into a query box
(sql format of course!) I get a silly "characters after end of query" error.

I could cut n' paste in a thousand times, but that seems kinda masochistic.

I'd do it in SQL in a sec, if only I had access (no pun intended) to an sql

Is there a character that lets me do this:

update master m
set notes = 'blah1'
where m.ID = 58
<insert magicalish character here>
update master m
set notes = 'blah2'
where m.ID = 59;

Much appreciated!


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