[thelist] viewing document.write output

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 25 03:45:09 CDT 2002

>Hey all, I asked a similar question once, but here it is again with a
>different spin. I have made a JS object that writes out some code in
>the body of a page. Its working to a point, but my functions are not.
>They don't error out either. Problem is - I can't see what my script
>has actually written out - you know like looking at the actual source
>code. If I look at source, I just get the code with the JS and the
>doc.writes, it doesn't show me what was ACTUALLY written out.
>I'm doing this both on a local drive, and on a Development server
>running JSP. Can anyone suggest how I can see what has been written
>by the script to debug?

Use Netscape 4 to view the page, then do View Source. You'll get the
'wysiwyg view' that includes everything written by your scripts.


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