[thelist] Background Music Again--and again :)

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Thu Jul 25 04:19:01 CDT 2002

The background music saga for the Christian music site continues :) I have one
little thing I need to complete this (whew), hoping you all can help.

I have a *crude* volume control slider and a stop button, but I'd like that
button to toggle the sound off and on. I can't seem to figure out how that same
button can play the music again with what I have here.


You can download the FLA to see what I did, but it's 32MB for some *odd* reason.
The MP3 is only 4MB--I can't imagine...Anyhoo, basically I have a button with
the action:

on (release) {

So if someone presses on that same button, how do I get the music to start
playing again? Everything is basically on one frame in separate layers of the

Thanks, and sorry if this is vague--I finally found a slider tutorial that I
could get working, and the stop button I figured out on accident....muddling
through this..so ask any questions you need.


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