[thelist] Dreamweaver MX and CSS

dn at dittodesign.co.uk dn at dittodesign.co.uk
Thu Jul 25 04:40:01 CDT 2002

Cheers Tony,
Just installed a trial version to check it out again and some of the CSS
is run, but the text size in design view is smaller than in DW3 and editing
the pt of a text style and changing it back left me with patches of large
and small text across an area that was set to the same style. I've also
discovered that CSS is not run from a template were again previously
it was. So designing utilising templates is also out the window.

It seems such a backward step.
All my sites look pants in DWMX at design time because the css
is not running properly. As a WYSIWYG editor I think thats a major
letdown. Guess I'll stick to DW3 were CSS is fine.

All in all this release has took a major step backwards when it comes to
CSS. Maybe it was the same in DW4 I never tried that version.

Unless there's some patch released or some checkbox buried deep within
the guts that needs checking then I think I'll give this one a miss.

Darren Yates
dn at dittodesign.co.uk
0161 281 1190

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> Hmm, not sure about pre-release, seem to remember it worked for me. In
> any event, it all works now, although I did upgrade to Topstyle 3 from
> topstyle lite (supplied). MWMX is worth the upgrade, especially if you
> go with Fwand Flash as well (goodish deal for the Studio upgrade),
> although not all the extensions from ultradev work apparently (they seem
> to be working on this though).
> HTH,
> Tony
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