[thelist] [ASP] FSO and Multiple Servers

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 25 08:52:01 CDT 2002

Hi Gang,

I've got an ASP script that runs just fine ... when I run it on a single

It checks to see if a specific folder exists. If it does, it deletes it,
recreates it, and writes some fresh new files to it.  No problems.

We've even put in an 'err log' that writes out lines if various problems
kick up throughout the script ... like getting an error when trying to
delete the folder.

However ... Now it's in production, where it's running on one server and
writing these files to a second server.  I'm getting complaints that
folks are seeing some "old" files.

If I'm destroying the dang directory and rebuilding it with every run,
then there ain't no way I've got old files sitting out there!  So the
directory deletion command must be failing.  However - I'm not getting
any error message in my log file.

<scratches head />

Sooooo ... Is there some "gotcha" about using FSO across several boxes
where it doesn't report errors back to the originating boxen?  Maybe
some parameter or permission setting somewhere?



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