[thelist] Copyright Liability Question

Jon jon at kickinsites.com
Thu Jul 25 09:28:00 CDT 2002

And this is what she wants to do. She actually wants to post the entire
article as images of the pages!!! We're talkin' about 120k for each page. I
am doing my damned best to talk her out of this.

But even talking her out of that she still wants it word for word and
complete. If it were just a snippet I wouldn't feel so concerned.


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> That's really not true, Paul. If his client posts the entire article--even
> with attribution--it's a copyright violation.
> Dan
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>> As i understand this is an article you are using on your website?
>> I believe (and I might be very well wrong as copright laws go) as long as
>> you put who/where the source orginated from a website (if applicable) you
>> should be ok.
>> Skuff

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