[thelist] why can't IE find the new IP number?

Aaron Johnson ajlist at mindseye.com
Thu Jul 25 09:42:01 CDT 2002

> Depending on the config of your box, there might be a file in
> c:\winnt\system32\dns\... that's a necessary file, so don't delete it, but
> open it in notepad and see what's in there. (This *might* only be if you've
> got MS's DNS server installed on that box... MSDN was unclear -- surprise,
> surprise).
 -- maybe I'm clear not about the original question, but the file in
question above should actually be the HOSTS file, not LMHOSTS. LMHOSTS
is used for resolving computer names (ie: WINS), not DNS names.
Additionally, it's located in c:\{winroot}\system32\drivers\etc\ not in
c:\{winroot}\system32\dns\ (at least on all the windows NT & 2000
machines I'v worked on).  Note that sometimes the HOSTS file is named


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