[thelist] web developers faced with catastrophe?

Chris Beaumont chris at ncafe.com
Thu Jul 25 10:01:13 CDT 2002

We are web developers..

We don't always realize it, but each of us have skills that allow us
to make a mark by reaching thousands of people who might otherwise
not have been reached before..

Why the hell am I saying this?

Basically, there is a catastrophe going on and it's being ignored..

Please, please write some web content, each of you, make a web page,
if you can,  to publicize the holocaust and the death camps in North
Korea. Please, please please please..

It is an important human rights issue that for one reason or another
is not known much beyond a small community..

If each of us does this it will make a huge difference

I appeal to you as human beings.. You just don't know..The mind screams..
The human suffering transcends partisan politics or left vs. right debates..

I have put some links up at http://www.ncafe.com/northkorea

Read the testimonies.. Please.. I am basically begging you as fellow
human beings..

I know I am spamming this list, in a sense, but please respect my intentions..

Inform yourself and you will see why I am putting my reputaion on the line..

There are also many links at http://www.chosunjournal.com/

There are links to the testimonies of north korean refugees there..
You will scream..

please, please please help me and a few others end the silence on
what is a nightmare world for human beings with souls and feelings
just like you.

If you lived during the Nazi era, would you have been silent? It is a
lot like that..

this is an issue that transcends partisan politics..  Human lives are

Thank you.

Read the testimonies.. now...please..



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