[thelist] Forms, IE, Back and Page has Expired :)

Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Thu Jul 25 12:24:02 CDT 2002

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> From: Carlos Costa Portela [mailto:ccosta at servidores.net]
> page A [with form]  -> page B -> page C
> 	If I go to page C and press Back button, I see the Warning: Page
> has Expired (in IE) and I must press the Reload button. How
> can I solve this?

IE will always give you that message if you go back (or refresh) a page with
POST headers. This is why just about every search engine uses GET. It's not
pretty, but it has many advantages, and it's really the best choice for a
search. In fact, ugly URLs are an advantage of using GET, because the full
query can be bookmarked or linked to. A POST can't.

> If I return from page C  to page B, the system doesn't complain
> and I see that the form use POST :-?

How are you "returning"? If you're clicking a link back to page B, then
there won't be any POST headers anymore, so you won't get the message.

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