[thelist] Forms, IE, Back and Page has Expired :)

Jeff Wilhelm jeffwilhelm2 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 25 12:48:00 CDT 2002

> > If I return from page C  to page B, the system doesn't complain
> > and I see that the form use POST :-?
> How are you "returning"? If you're clicking a link back to page B, then
> there won't be any POST headers anymore, so you won't get the message.

Exactly. To return to B he could easily just echo all the variables that
were passed initially into hidden fields and then have the button to go back
to B simply POST them back to B. The best way though it so to use GET,
because, like you said, it can be bookmarked, e-mail, etc, without losing
the form data.


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