[thelist] do programmers/designers know *everything*? - WOW!

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Thu Jul 25 13:53:01 CDT 2002


I know you're not suppose to waste too much bandwidth on "thank you's" but I
*had* to say Thank You all so much for all the feedback. Was going to post
this much earlier, but I STILL kept receiving replies to my questions.

And I think *all* of the replies were thoughful, extremely helpful, and not
at all patronizing. Got some great views, insights, fantastic tips, and some
very, VERY sound advice. And while I didn't get any false
"anybody-with-a-computer-can-do-this-stuff", or depressing
"if-you-can't-do-it-by-now-then-BAIL" responses, I DID get quite a few
hopeful "hang-in-there's" and "do-it-long-enough-eventually-it'll-come" type
replies. And finding out some of the backgrounds on you guys really makes a
difference. Apparently you're not all robots. At least not 24/7/365. Or at
least you didn't all start out that way! :)

Extremely encouraging.

Maybe there's hope.

Again, thank you all so much for your advice/suggestions/tips/insights/etc.

Phenomenal, kick-a$$ group of people out here.

VERY sincerely,

-Roger Harness

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