[thelist] CSS: question about @import

Means, Eric D eric.d.means at boeing.com
Thu Jul 25 14:55:01 CDT 2002

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> Actually, I don't think "hiding" is necessary in this case - you can just
> specify one rule after another:
> #mydiv {
> 	position: absolute;
> 	position: fixed;
> }
> Browsers that don't understand 'fixed' should retain 'absolute' (at least
> far as I understand it - does anybody know of a browser this doesn't work
> for?).

Actually I just tried it, and it doesn't work for IE6.   It would appear
that since IE6 doesn't understand fixed, it sets the value to the default
rather than ignoring the line altogether.  Using the child selector (which
IE6 also doesn't understand) is the usual workaround:

.fixed {
  position: absolute;	/* takes care of IE6 */

body>div.fixed {
  position: fixed;		/* for anything that understands child
selectors */

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