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Mark Joslyn mark.joslyn at solimarsystems.com
Thu Jul 25 16:00:01 CDT 2002

So companies that implement this system have a lot of files named index.html
or default.html (one for each directory)? That seems a little confusing to
keep naming files the same name.

Am I way off base here?



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The last "no extension" entry is a directory name, not a file name.  When
presented with just a directory, the web server will access a default
filename.  Depending on the server setup, this can be index.html,
index.htm, index.shtml, default.htm, default.html, index.cgi, default.asp...


At 01:42 PM 7/25/2002, Mark Joslyn wrote:
>I was just wondering how companies use landing pages in advertisements
>without a .html, .htm, etc. extension at the end.
>My question: How do you set up your pages and/or directory structure to
>advantage of being able to use links without extensions? This is really
>useful in marketing/advertising pieces.

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