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> I was just wondering how companies use landing pages in advertisements
> without a .html, .htm, etc. extension at the end.
> IBM for example has:
> ibm.com/partnerworld/developer/news/management
> No extension... A lot of other companies are doing this as well. I have set
> up some landing pages in the past this way using redirect in the htaccess
> file. This seems like it is not the proper way to do this though.
> My question: How do you set up your pages and/or directory structure to take
> advantage of being able to use links without extensions? This is really
> useful in marketing/advertising pieces.

That's actually pretty simple - you just set a

ContentType: text/html

header (or whatever MIME type you want) before the main content, and the
browser will automatically interpret it as such.  Look at


for a much more historical and detailed discussion.

Although page extensions are nice, a large benefit of not having them is that
you can switch from one language to another (ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl) without
breaking hyperlinks and bookmarks.  I still prefer the plain vanilla .html
extension though, so that's what all of the .php pages on my site have been
disguised as through mod_rewrite.  ;-)

Jackson Yee
jyee at vt.edu

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