[thelist] Re: CSS: question about @import

Nathan Wright ominous at rmh-d.com
Thu Jul 25 16:23:01 CDT 2002

>as far as i know it's recommended to use the @import
command to hide
>advanced css from older browsers, i.e. nn4.x.
>i haven't heard anything about WHY i need to hide it from
>browsers. i'm guessing that the older browser could get even
>screwed up when it comes across advanced css. if this is not
the case,
>won't the older browser(s) just skip over the css it does not

If only this were the case, NN4.x would still be darling of the
internet world (whoa, hold on everyone, just kidding ... put
the knives down ;). Older browsers have the nasty habit of
trying to read the CSS, not understanding it, choking,
thrashing around like a dying fish, and then crashing on

>also, when you import an advanced stylesheet, does it
>everything in the primitive stylesheet? or does it just add-on
to it?

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