[thelist] RE: [thelist][OT] Alcohol

Shoshannah Forbes sforbes at members.evolt.org
Fri Jul 26 04:31:00 CDT 2002

I am from Israel, where the drinking age is 18. When i was 19, I went to
the US for a 1.5 of work- and then I was suddenly under the drinking age
again. Rather silly, I think :-)

<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes>
Do you work with the nightly builds of mozilla or chimera as your
default browser in osx?
Isn't it annoying that the internet control panel seems to forget them?
Here is a little freeware that sits in the messaging area, and that
allows you to switch the system default browser (and mail and news) from
a list.
little and nice

>> 19 here, but can't a guy dream?
> [...]
>> You could, or you could get yerself a fake id. :D
>> (btw, I was too stupid to procure one whilst in college

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