[thelist] [OT] virus protection

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Fri Jul 26 12:44:08 CDT 2002


i use win2k advanced server as my personal computer and so far i have
not been able to find a virus protection program that works for it that
is also around 50 bucks. does anyone know of a company or product that
is good (i.e. you've used it yourself and would recommend it) and works
for win2k adv. srvr. without having to buy 50 user licenses for a
corporate edition?


<tip author="chris parker" type="organization and idea retention">
do you always have good ideas but can never seem to remember? well
you're in luck because there's a new product out there that will solve
all* your problems**.

it's called a notepad!

how do you use it you ask? well let me tell you!

follow these easy steps to fun and happiness:

1. come up with a good idea
2. write it down!
3. read it
4. enjoy it!

no but seriously folks. if you're planning a website, or any project at
all you should be at the least writing down what you've thought of and
what other people have suggested to you. even if it doesn't seem like a
good idea. you never know how that idea might conjure up another, better

* 'all' in this case does not mean all. it means, not that many, or none
at all. (there is a good example of the real meaning of 'all'.)
** 'problems' only count when they are related to not remembering good

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