[thelist] [thelist]Can you submit to two different pages from a form?

Janet Nabring-Stager jnabring at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 26 15:20:00 CDT 2002

Hi all-
This could possibly be an ignorant question, but I'm trying to do
something and can't think my way around it - any guidance would be
great and much appreciated!
We are using Vertical Response (an online ASP) to track and database
opt-ins to our online newsletter.  The sign-up form must submit to a
URL on the Vertical Response website.  The trouble is, in some cases,
the user will also be querying our research center when they sign up
for the newsletter.  These messages need to go directly to the
research center in e-mail format AND to the Vertical Response online
I was trying to see if there was a way to submit to two different
pages from the same form?  I'm not super-skilled in JavaScript (yet)
but if someone can lead me in the correct direction, I would be
ecstatic.  I was originally trying to use an onSubmit() function in
JavaScript that called two other functions.  The first function would
create a CDONTS email and send to the research center and the second
would go to the Vertical Response URL.  But I couldn't get it to
Any ideas?  Am I heading in a dangerous direction?  If anyone need
clarification (this may be a lot long-winded) please let me know -
any help is appreciated.
(and I may not be online much after today, but will definitely
respond when I can over the weekend - I love apartment-hunting in

Janet Nabring-Stager

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