[thelist] iBill / CCbill alternatives

John Handelaar john at gn.apc.org
Sat Jul 27 12:06:00 CDT 2002

Two questions today (hoping to break my 3-year
unbroken run of never getting an answer :-)

Some associates of mine would like to start a
specialist dating site.  They have only a very limited
budget and have asked if I can assist... so after a
lot of research over the last couple of days, here's
the first question:

iBill and CCbill are often used by a range of
sites to accept payment for paid-for sites. Others
use Paypal.

However, I have a project which would apply entirely
to customers in the UK.  I'm looking for a similar
service which *actually presents the bill amount*
in the local currency, which in this case would be
either £ or €.

I'm also trying to avoid taking payments directly
or starting (for example) a Worldpay account,
since to be honest both are overkill for a single
one-off membership fee.  Paypal is right out, seeing
as it's basically impossible to register with them
from here.

Anyone got a good suggestion?  Many thanks.

John Handelaar

T +44 20 8933 1494       M +44 7930 681789
F +44 870 169 7657   E john at userfrenzy.com

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