[thelist] Redirecting with <noscript>

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jul 27 18:19:01 CDT 2002

> ... core site functionality is dependent on js

okay, that's fair enough

non-js people coming in the front door (so to speak) are one thing,
but you replied in another note that you wanted to "filter out non-js
users at every possible entry point and redirect them to

this is well intentioned but probably not necessary

if they're following a deep link into your site (climbing in the bathroom
window, as it were), then the lack of functionality they discover may
disappoint them, but you have no obligation to take extra steps to shelter
them from the surprise

non-js surfers will, it can be argued, have become accustomed to stuff not
working, and are sufficiently skilled to find their way to your home page
without having redirects foisted upon them  (my apologies for any
unintentional emotional connotation associated with the word "foisted")

since every page on your site will have navigation (right?), and since
one of those links will be to a Help or About page where the javascript
requirement can be explained, therefore you don't really need to do
anything inside the site

those are absolutely the best solutions in my opinion -- the ones where
you don't have to do anything on as many components as possible

you'll want a statement on the Home page with a link to the Help or About

maybe suppress that statement by putting it in a NOSCRIPT tag, so your
regular javascript-enabled visitors won't see it

if i may, i'd like to have a look, at both your explanation and the
functionality, because it's an interesting question, that people deal with
in the real world every day


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