[thelist] CF: Security Question

Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Sun Jul 28 14:36:00 CDT 2002

Only leave the index.cfm scripts in web accessible directories. Move all
your other scripts into inaccessible directories. Remember, <cfinclude>
can include a file that isn't web accessible.

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> Hi all,
> Question about security and Cold Fusion. Here are the circumstances:
> All directories have an index.cfm that handle  URL/ request.
> Protected segmentes are protected using Session vars, run from the
> Application file.
> Protected subsections have their own security.
> All action files, such as inserts, deletes and updates require a
number of
> specific values to run. (No using IsDefined() here).
> Now, how can I prevent someone from accessing a component file of one
> my
> fuses though a direct URL (who knows how they figure it out, I just
> to
> handle it in case they do).
> Is there a way of preventing access to any document other than
> from the user while allowing Cold Fusion full access to all it needs?
> Especially: Is there a way short of putting some redirect header in
> and every single document that I've created?
> Thanks
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