[thelist] Webtrends -- Successful Forms vs Dynamic Forms -- Huh?

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Mon Jul 29 00:07:01 CDT 2002

A visit to the Webtrends web site is not something novices should attempt
and I couldn't find anything Googling, so I'm hoping someone can help.

In a Webtrends report, there are two different sections that deal with
forms. The first (under Resources Accessed) is "Dynamic Pages and Forms" and
the other (under Technical Statistics) is "Dynamic Pages and Form Errors."

Ok, I have one form script in the cgi bin. Under the first heading (Dynamic
Pages and Forms), it shows that the script had 30 visits (the same number of
forms I received in the reporting period). However, under the second heading
(Dynamic Pages and Form Errors), the report shows 163 *successful forms*.
Should these numbers be different or the same? I have no scripts in my site
other than one form script and no dynamic pages. No matter how many times I
read the definitions and the Webtrends kb, I don't understand why I would
have 163 successful forms, but only 30 forms in my mailbox. Is this, by
chance, counting emails via the web site when visitors click on a mailto or
something else entirely?

Thanks! Pat

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