[thelist] trouble setting up forms with authorize.net

Jeremy Weiss jweiss at cei.net
Mon Jul 29 10:08:01 CDT 2002

Okay, I finally got the payment form at my site working (thanks to TheList)
and now I'm passing the values to Authorize.net to handle the credit card
processing.  As it stands right now, when I submit the form, it displays a
page with just a string of variables on it.  I'm needing the values passed
back to my form but I'm not sure how to do it.  I e-mailed Authorize.net
support and this is what I got...

> You will need to write your script to accept and interpret then display
> in a page created by that script for the customer.
> Thank you for contacting our customer service group.
> Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the

Which doesn't help me much.  Anyone feel like explaining this one to me?

The form is at http://www.whatsmyhomevalue.com/step1.htm and the
Authorize.net account is in test mode.


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