[thelist] Embedding video into webpage

Jeff Lucido jlucido at version4.com
Mon Jul 29 18:45:01 CDT 2002

Hello all:

I hope this message finds everyone doing well this Monday (at least
still in the US). We have a client who would like their Windows Media
encoded video file  embedded into their webpage. Specifically, currently
when you select a video stream to play it loads the Windows Media Player
separately. What they would like to do is have the video and the player
controls be embedded into the page so it does not give the appearance of
another window opening.

We are not for this functionality and have tried to talk them out of it
but they will not budge. We tried using an <embed> tag but it does not
work. The current method we are using is to call a ASX file which
specifies the movie selection (the .wmv file). Is there anyway some kind
soul on this list will share how we can accomplish this embedding
technique while not compromising the calling method (to guarantee the
video is streamed from the server and not downloaded)?

Thanks in advance!

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