Subject: [thelist] cartoon graphic artist sought

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Tue Jul 30 05:26:00 CDT 2002

My wife is a very fine vector artist

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I might know somebody, but he is located in the Netherlands (Europe),
like me. I hope thats not a problem, I've copied your message and sent
an email if he is interrested. Let me know if it is a problem.....

Björn W

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>Subject: [thelist] cartoon graphic artist sought
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>I was wondering if someone on the list happens to know someone who
>create some decent cartoon graphics of dogs in space. I would
>like to see some examples first (of dogs at least) to get an idea of
>person's style. It would be even better if they happened to live
>somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that's no big deal. Any
>leads appreciated. I do have an example of what we're looking for, but
>is a pretty big poster on a wall, so I can get a photo of that in a day
>or so if needed.

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