[thelist] Advanced PHP mailing list?

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Tue Jul 30 08:51:01 CDT 2002

At 13:44 30/07/2002 +0100, Tim Fountain wrote:

>If there isn't one around, would anyone be interested if I set one

   I'm not dealing yet with PHP in work, but would value a dedicated CF
list of the same type, and preferably of similar calibre to thelist. Does
one of those exist?

   <tip type="HTML, forms and overlapping tags" author="Drew Shiel">

   Many developers seem to assume that since the <form> tag is basically
invisible, it has no effect on the display of the page. However, it can
cause some very strange effects if it's left overlapping, particularly
within tables. In some versions of Netscape, it also forces a line break in
closing (</form>). So treat it as you would any other tag, and don't let it


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