Please don't (was RE: [thelist] Advanced PHP mailing list?)

Joel Canfield joel at
Tue Jul 30 11:54:01 CDT 2002

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> here are many advanced PHP developers out
> there who would happily subscribe to a list specifically for
> advanced PHP topics but would not be interested in a more
> general list such as evolt. Having a seperate list also
> encourages more in depth discussion

Good point.

> In addition, should such a thread grow to huge proportions it
> could upset the many non-PHP users on this list who are not
> interested in the topic in hand.

I think not, but I may be wrong. I've tolerated the 'Flash is evil/No it's
not' discussion at least a dozen times since I've been on thelist, and it's
*way* less signal/noise optimized.

> as a whole. Should we set such a list up we will certainly
> keep the archive public for anyone to view. In addition, I am
> considering the idea of a weblog dedicated to covering
> interesting threads on the list which will summarise threads
> and link to the relevant posts in the archive.

Good ideas. Overall, I'd have to agree with your perspective. Keep us posted
so those of us with deeper interest in PHP can tag along.


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