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PF Soto pfs331 at msn.com
Tue Jul 30 23:08:05 CDT 2002

Thanks to ALL of you for your help!  Mark, Simon, Chris, and Ryan.

It is important to me, so I shall use this script. Many, many, many thanks!
Cheers, PF

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Actually with a little bit of javascript and some dummy placeholders you can
dictate the order of the frame loads if this is important to you:


This effect can be achieved by loading dummy frames to start with, and then
using the onLoad event to change the location of other frames:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function load_next(frame) {
if (frame == 2)
    window.frameName2.location.href = "frame2.html";
else if (frame == 3)
    window.frameName3.location.href = "frame3.html";
else if (frame == 4)
    window.frameName4.location.href = "frame4.html";
else if (frame == 5)
    window.frameName5.location.href = "frame5.html";

<frameset rows="20%,20%,20%,20%,20%" onLoad="load_next(2)">
<frame src="frame1.html" name="frameName1">
<frame src="dummy.html"  name="frameName2">
<frame src="dummy.html"  name="frameName3">
<frame src="dummy.html"  name="frameName4">
<frame src="dummy.html"  name="frameName5">

When all the frames have been loaded, the onLoad event within the frameset
will use the load_next() function to change the contents of frameName2.

The contents of frame2.html would then need to contain the following:

<body onLoad="parent.load_next(3)">

When frame2.html is loaded the onLoad event in the body tag will use the
load_next() function in the parent frame to change the contents of
frameName3 etc. etc.


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