[thelist] adding CSS to a MCC tag (solved)

Devon Y. vehementpetal at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 31 03:38:00 CDT 2002

>From the sounds of it, you aren't able to style a made up tag in html --
>according to Mark's research in trying to style <MDW> tags in various
>If I put a div tag around <MDW> or <MCC> tags, I'll have no problem styling
>the content in which these tags hold.

I barely remember reading something about this a couple years back. I was
thinking about these Metal tags you're talking about. It sounds like they're
used server-side, to pull in the news content. If that's the case, you might
want to use XSLT and it's document() function, or perhaps PHP. Either
language would you give you more control over the output sent to the client.
Having all those Metal tags in the output, when they don't mean anything to
the client, probably wastes bandwidth (which means $$$$) and definately
bloats page code with junk (which can  slow down it's loading speed). I also
noticed Metal tags aren't an XML vocabulary either, which could possibly be
a problem in the future for you.


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