[thelist] replace <b> with <strong> (why dont use b tag)]

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Jul 31 10:17:01 CDT 2002

>> It is very rare to just want something in bold for no reason at all

> bold is a VISUAL SCANNING CUE in this context, and it would NOT MAKE SENSE
> to have aural browsers EMPHASIZE those words while actually READING THE

True, but then having a tag to define the visual appearance is still staying
away from the separation of style and structure. In practice, using <b>
would be the same as using a tag like <red> -- using a tag to define the
visual appearance breaks away from the concept of tag for markup and style
sheets for style.

> i'm not aware of any similar "forward scanning aural cue" mechanism, but if
> there is, i'd probably just add it as a style property for B

Sorry, but the concept of forward scanning for sequential audio has me
stumped -- how would that work, exactly?

Mark Howells

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