[thelist] replace <b> with <strong> (why dont use b tag)]

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Wed Jul 31 16:41:01 CDT 2002

> The title is one color, I want the text decoration to be orange.
> Again, its a presentation/design thing, not semantic in any way. How
> could I accomplish this? Make a image? I suppose, but lame, it would
> have to be aligned and all that. WHy bother.
> I did this:
> <span class="orangeHighlight">:.</span>
> This has no semantic or structural meaning, so some people will frown
> on this I'll bet. But, I felt it was a justified use of it, and
> accomplished my goal.

This is a hack to make the visual design work in your layout. We all make
our own judgment on that, however we can say that is an improper use of

The correct CSS to use in this instance would be :after, asking the
browser to put in your little orange dots after the links in that section.
  Unfortunately, browser support in this area sucks. But in a few years, we
will (hopefully) be able to leave behind all of our CSS hacks just as
we're starting to leave behind the HTML ones.


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