[thelist] Re: UI Standards

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Thu Aug 1 01:00:01 CDT 2002

aardvark wrote:

> most developer shops come up with their own GUI standards (i'm wary
> of those that don't)... MS, for example, has extensive win UI
> standards out there...

yes, including a recommendation to make all of your Alert panels 'yes'
and 'no' and 'cancel'

NeXTSTEP (which I believed followed the Apple UI) had much better UI
guidelines that made contextual suggestions

	Do you want to save changes to Document1?

	Yes	No	Cancel

	Unsaved changes in file:

	Cancel	 	Don't Save	Save

Which gives you a much clearer indication of what you are agreeing to,
but would break MS' UI suggestions

Where this really gets fun is when you get convoluted things like:

"The values you have enterered are sub-optimal do you wish to change
them?  If you want to leave them as they are press No."

Yes	No	Cancel

((This is the same logic that gave us the START button to

As opposed to a much better UI which would state:

"The values appear to be incorrect, what would you like to do:"

Cancel		Enter Different Values		Use Values As Entered


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