[thelist] Tip inspried (from: UI Standards)

Shashank Tripathi sub at shanx.com
Thu Aug 1 03:12:01 CDT 2002

Hi azafer,

    > From: <azafer at xavor.com.pk>
    > Can someone tell me how to nsubscribe from this list?

If you join a mailing list on the web, it is usually a good idea to pay
attention to the automatic "sig" that the list postings come attached with.
This list comes with this footer:

    > For unsubscribe and other options, including
    > the Tip Harvester and archive of thelist go to:
    > http://lists.evolt.org Workers of the Web, evolt !

When you go to that website, and login, you will find a very simple
interface to unsubscribe, something like this page:


Hope this helps,

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