[thelist] SITE CHECK: (time for a beating) site check please

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Aug 1 12:20:01 CDT 2002

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> please
> Hey Chris :
> I like the layout of the site, considering its
> pre-production. A few things I
> noted (Linux/Moz 1.1/1024x786) :

thanks. i got lucky on this one. ;)

> 1. The text seems to be too flush to the left (espcially when
> there is a
> picture) Example : AMA Announcement. Also, there seems to be
> a space before
> the text starts (its not flush to the top (like it is on the
> non-graphics
> text boxes).

yes. i've noticed this before but never got around to fixing it. i will
see what i can do.

> 2.  On sites that have shopping cart interfaces, it is almost
> necessary to
> show how many items are in the cart. So far, I didn't see that.

good idea. that should be too difficult. any suggestions on where i
should put it and what information/functionality it should include?

> 3.  Along the same lines, when viewing the shopping cart, the
> links under the
> Action tab are clipped by the black bar under the grey
> header. Also, the text
> links are a bit too small, IMO. Maybe using icons there would
> provide better
> readability.

actually i DID have icons at one point. but even though they had
tooltips to explain what each icons function was, i thought it still
might be too cryptic, so i tried words instead. and yes i agree that
they are very small. maybe i will go back to the icons.

i do not know what you mean by "clipped by the black bar under under the
grey header" . i don't think i've seen that. a screenshot would be

> I don't care if Ned Flanders is the nicest guy in the world.  He's a
> jerk -- end of story.
> 		-- Homer Simpson
> 		   When Flanders Failed

good one. and how about...

"Dad! You just shot zombie-Flanders." - Lisa
"He was a zombie?" - Homer

and when Homer and Ned are driving in Ned's car to go save the school
children because the snow had trapped them inside, Homer drove over
something and Ned said "Homer you just hit something!" and Homer says "I
hope it was Flanders."

or something like that.


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