[thelist] CSS id or class?

Kid Stevens kstevens89 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 1 12:47:02 CDT 2002

At 5:44 PM +0100 8/1/02, Simon Willison wrote:

>The landscape has changed a lot in the last two years. These days IE5 and
>above probably account for more than 90% of web traffic, and IE5+ has
>pretty good CSS support. Add to that Opera 6 and NS6/Mozilla (both of which
>have very good support for CSS) and you can use CSS safely on most sites.
>Netscape 4 will mess it up but NS4 is 5 years old now and really doesn't
>deserve any special treatment - the best thing is to use the @import rule
>to "hide" your CSS from NS4 and let it render an unstyled page (a lot of
>CSS techniques will cause NS4 to crash if not conceiled in this way).

It hasn't gotten that much better!  Yes IE5 has the best support, on Mac
and Windows.  You can be utterly frustrated with any of the latest Netscape
offerings.  Funny that standards are written to make everything provide the
same level of support.  You will be horrified on UNIX in any flavor.

NS has gotten so bad that it is sluggish, buggy and still not compliant.  I
can't see why AOL even tries to keep it going anymore.  P.S. Mozilla for
the Mac is almost Identical code byte by byte with Netscape 6.

Without standards you could not watch TV, call someone in another state or
connect to the web.  The Web is the worse for compliance.  The war between
standard writers versus compliant end user applications continues.

Sendmail works fine for e-mail, M$ gets a bug and decides to change the
standards so M$ is the standard.  The standards change attempt by M$ has
fueled many cheap mail servers and billions of malformed HTML SPAM messages.

Long live standards compliance and slow committees.  Compliance versus profit.

Command by Command I can show you CSS code that fails in many browsers that
claim compliance when I have the time,  I use West Civ StyleMaster.  Open
any css file and select browser support for different browsers then try the
different  parameters and read the warnings that appear on the left.

I passed W3Cs css validation on one personal website and yet many browsers
still break.

>So it is safe to say that today most browsers have very good CSS support.
>See this set of tables for more information:
>Simon Willison

Kid Stevens

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