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> I agree with Sam who told you to start with something simpler.
> An ecommerce site is a complex thing, not to be taken
> lightly. It goes far
> beyond simple html coding.  If you "don't know big html
> words", how do you
> expect to handle ASP, VBScript, server-side scripting vs user-side
> scripting, secure transactions and all that?


> One does not become a web developer by simply choosing the
> title. There's
> real knowledge here that needs to be developped one step at a time.



and without being too mean (note: i said TOO mean, not mean at all), is
there ANY other profession where someone without ANY experience at all
considers themselve apart of that profession?

for example i don't go to the a hospital or write into a journal about
medicine and say "hi. i'm a doctor and i'd like to know how to do open
heart surgery and remove a cyst from my clients neck. this is my first
time, so please explain it well."

or how about an architect?

"hi i'm an architect and i was wondering if someone could tell me what
an I-beam is. thanks! please reply to my email lamer at 1337.com not the
newsgroup! and please hurry i've got a deadline with a client!!"

i'm being serious. does this sort of thing happen anywhere else? i mean,
just because i take out the trash sometimes, doesn't mean i'm a
trashman. ;)


<tip type="learning" author="chris parker">
When you are learning a new technology or venturing out into unknown
territory, start small. Create lots of different examples of the
technology you are learning and gradually move up into more complex
experiments. It's also a good idea to name your files with descriptive
names instead of "experiment1.htm". At some point you'll become familiar
with the knowledge you've gained and you will be able to put it to good

Don't try to learn what a quaternion is before you know what a vector
is. But if you do, expect that your calculations  will be wrong the
first (few, possibly many) time(s).

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